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DOES THIS FLOOR CONTAIN ASBESTOS? The house was built in 1963. The old tiles are relatively thin, around 1/8-inch thick, so installing new flooring on top will not appreciably raise the height of the floor. . 775) 423-6221. That's not a pattern that I am familiar with. Resilient Floor Covering Institute, 1030 15th St. NW, suite 350, Washington D.C. "Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Guide & Instructions - copy on file as Asbestos_Floor_Tile_Removal_MDH.pdf ] - ", Minnesota Department of Health, retrieved 12/7/2010, original source: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/asbestos/floortile/index.html, Asbestos Identification and Testing References. In a Tri-level home on the ground floor. Jane, To protect your trust we have no business or other relationship with any product service or provider discussed here. See The flooring during this period was usually made in nine-inch squares and is quite a bit thicker than most of the modern vinyl tiles. It means a lot that you took the time and trouble to comment as you did, and of course I'm very happy that our information proved helpful to you.Indeed we have worked hard for over fifteen years to make information at InspectAPedia.com accurate, in-depth, and without bias, so I am of course very grateful when a reader reports that our website has been useful.To that end, I would much appreciate hearing any comments, critique, suggestions, or further questions that you may have about any of our diagnosis/repair articles. Step 4 - Laboratory Testing Any assistance is The age is importanttake a look at the simple questions at DOES THIS FLOOR CONTAIN ASBESTOS? See ASBESTOS FLOORING HAZARD REDUCTION for suggestions. Find licensed asbestos abatement experts in your area and get free, no-commitment estimates for your project. It is very common to find multiple layers of asbestos floor tiles as they may have been added over time. Asbestos is safe and legal to remain in homes or public buildings as long as the asbestos As you may have seen, you can often find a match in the ID-library of asbestos flooring beginning @Lengman, Vinyl or asphalt tiles that have these colors in it have a high likelihood of asbestos fibers. Safe demolition of asbestos floor tiles should require you to: Copyright 2023 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. Of course floor tiles and mastic are not friable but if your husband used power tools to cut, saw, grind, or demolish such flooring he could have been exposed to asbestos dust. A single 15-gallon poly-bag, designed for asbestos disposal, will hold approximately 20 square feet of demolished floor tile and associated debris. Okay, that makes sense. Where It Is Located Due to their durability, asbestos tiles are often found in high-traffic spaces such as hallways and kitchens. Friable and nonfriable asbestos are defined. Sure, Anon, just use the email found at our CONTACT link seen at the top or bottom of any InspectApedia.com page - but it may not be necessary. SC7G made in manufacturing run No. DIY removal is cheaper because no labor costs are involved. Not reported by the lab, see TEM results below. 1960 - 1969 Armstrong Excelon Floor Vinyl Plastic Asbestos Floor Tiles, 9" x 9" & beginning in 1960 available in 12" x 12" size you'll see some similar but not matching patterns such as the Coda Bisque design or Nice Gold design. They are in pretty immaculate condition really so not sure how old they are. If, which I now doubt, you were asking about mosaic flooring, That would be ceramic floor tile laid in a pattern, often to form an image. We also provide an ARTICLE INDEX for this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. From a photo one cant answer your question with certainty. "Extrusion graining process." During the 1950s and 1960s, Kentile Floors was one of America's largest manufacturers of super-resilient floor tile, and it was a national tile distributor. We have since laid self-stick vinyl tiles over the top of all the scuffed ones, but I'm still worrying about what damage has been done to our health. My questions to you: a, do you think that these look enough like the tiles that have asbestos that we really don't have to test? This will give the buyers a heads up so they dont start tearing out the tiles should they wish to install new flooring. Quite special. Thanks, Take a look at the spatter pattern Kentiles and Armstrong flooring before 1975. CONTACT us if you can identify with certainty this floor tile image and brand. In some instances, we have seen up to six layers of asbestos floor tiles. The tile looks good but removing the tack strips will obviously disrupt it. I may have misunderstood you but if you're saying that you think that large piece of flooring tell you whether or not the material contains asbestos, that's a mistake. I hope it's okay I'm posting again. We have some asbestos floor tiles in our basement from the 1950s that I am trying to identify. DOES THIS FLOORING CONTAIN ASBESTOS? Now we are concerned that we have been potentially breathing in this loose dust (as has our 1 year old child). also in 12" x 12" size. Tape plastic drop cloths over doors, floor registers, and return air vents. Wet mop the floor when youre done and then toss out the old mop head. Knoop, Christiane, Michel Mairesse, Christine Lenclud, Pierre-Alain Gevenois, and Paul De Vuyst. if you think we find this person, are there such people around? I'd like to see a photo of the back of the tile and to know its dimension and thickness. So, more questions: some of the tiles are not securely attached. Yes vinyl floor tiles can get very rigid and brittle; if the tiles are thick, say 1/8" and dark inside they may be asphalt based; else probably they're vinyl. On 2021-12-11 And of course only a certified asbestos test lab can say with certainty the tile asbestos composition. Colors: STYLETONE floor tiles 1961, shown aboveColors: WOODTONE vinyl asbestos flooring images from 1961 as shown above This house in the tri state area is an older family member's, so the rest of the family got together to discuss. 12 (1997): 2711-2715. Many homes have asbestos-containing floor tiles, especially those built or updated in the 1970s and before. U.S. Patent 3,763,083, issued October 2, 1973. I'm amazed by all the information you have and put up. The company's asphalt and vinyl products used asbestos fibers for reinforcement and asbestos powders as filler. also in 12" x 12" size. For colors for which a link is not provided below, see the earlier occurrence of that tile color in a previous year. @Inspectapedia Com Moderator, Thank you. Have a sample of the flooring tested, or you can make a reasonable *guess* at whether or not the floor contains asbestos by answering the few easy questions found at: They aren't loose, but they make a sound when you walk over them which leads me to believe they aren't secure What would you suggest for them? For colors for which a link is not provided below, see the earlier occurrence of that tile color in a previous year. Please re-post the image if you can. Another doesn't consider the tiles a hazard. Please re-post the image if you can. METALLIC style flooring tiles shown above I know 9 x 9 can be a give away for asbestos products. I have not seen this specific pattern of flooring and the packaging photo you included did not mention asbestos - not all does even when the flooring contains that material. Our opinion includes the consideration that while foremost it is important to avoid creating an asbestos hazard by improper handling, and while it is usually reasonable to cover over asbestos floor tiles with a new layer of flooring, it is also important that you proceed properly, with local expert advice, so as to avoid creating inappropriate fear on the part of other users of the building. I researched the patents cited on the box. Hi, | Photo by Russell Kaye I'm told that the old vinyl floor tiles in the basement of our 1950 house contain asbestos and that I should not try to remove the tiles but cover them with wall-to-wall . We pulled the carpet in the dining room & discovered the original pebble-style sheet linoleum underneath (fortunately oak graces the bulk of the living areas). Seeing as I have three other rooms with tile I think this is the easiest fix for me. We are not certain of the manufacturer of the tiles shown here, and we publish them here to invite feedback from other readers. Asbestos floor tiles were once a popular choice for flooring, and you will often find old asbestos floor tiles hidden under carpets. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Unsure if we are safe to pull up the linoleum so the new flooring can be level with the rest of the house. Testing for asbestos was completed on a fragment of this flooring material. Youll pay $3 to $5 per asbestos disposal bag, which is recommended for safe disposal. IMAGE LOST by older version of Clark Van Oyens useful Comments code - now fixed. Asbestos is safe and legal to remain in homes or public buildings as long as the asbestos materials are in good condition and the asbestos can not be released into the air. at MARBLE / STONE CHIP PATTERN FLOORING ASBESTOS. Asbestos related? We are planning to remove it ASAP but how worried should we be that this is in fact asbestos? I cant tell if the darker linoleum in the kitchen is tile or sheet without pulling up the top layer. Please bookmark this page to make it easy for you to check back for our response. Armstrong is a separate company from Congoleum-Nairn. Do you folks have any info/data on a floor covering that was briefly sold in the USA during the 1960's named "monosaic"? I can't afford to get these professionally tested for asbestos and am hoping you can help me identify them per your extensive documentation. Our photo above, for comparison, shows the cross-section of an actual true-cork floor tile. DOES THIS FLOOR CONTAIN ASBESTOS? Plan is to dampen and clean up the mess, then cover it over. Can you please identify this tile? Identifying And Treating Asbestos Tiles In The Home. Brown asphalt tiles were also produced, and contained a fair amount . But you can see that,certainly, a couple have chipped but others are coming up and you can hear that when you walk on them. These tiles also include metallic accents, metallic highlights in gold, silver or bronze dispersed through the pattern. "54 UNSATURATED POLYESTER RESIN.". My husband has been laying floors since 1960. Please bookmark this page to make it easy for you to check back for our response. Have you seen this style before from the 60s? I have not found research asserting that exposure to asbestos is a cause of Parkinson's but there are medical complications or interactions possible where both are present in one individual; I'll include some research below. The home was built in 66, and I am fairly confident t, Has anyone ever seen this flooring is almost like paper. @Alicia Barnett, The floor tile product style name Applause is still in use by Tarkett flooring but for newer sheet or carpet-type flooring products that would not contain asbestos. Original filing 16 March 1950. But the bottom line is you need to call some local people I get some bids from them. CENTENNIAL style Rhapsody green 815 shown above, LIGHT CORK 840 from 1963, also see MEDIUM CORK from 1965 and DARK CORK from 1962, HAMPTON BLACK 1106 vinyl asbestos flooring images from 1963, METALLIC - (see 1960-1962 photo examples), STANDARD straight grain floor tiles - (shown ECRU 767), STYLETONE floor tiles - shown GLACIER 838, above, Feature Strips- (see 1956 examples of solid color feature strips). Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of one of your flooring tiles. ASBESTOS REMOVAL, WETTING GUIDELINES. Working together and exchanging information makes us better informed than any individual can be working alone. Avoid making a dusty mess. Excelon Vinyl Asbestos Tiles were produced in 1961 in both 9" x 9" and for order quantities over 9,000 sq.ft. ASBESTOS FLOOR SEALANTS. Any advice? The house was built in 1965. My understanding is that they may also contain asbestos but I am surprised I have not seen any pictures other than for tiles of different sizes and glue. That's the least expensive and safest and most recommended approach. Some forms of linoleum. Another person suggested that even if we get estimates from different companies we probably won't be able to trust them. It is all glued on really well and not crumbled at all. That gray color with cracking is characteristic of an asphalt-based floor covering rather than a vinyl one. Asbestos floor tiles were first installed in the early 1920s and were commonly used until the late 1960s. According to everything I've read containment is the best way to go. Asphalt asbestos and vinyl-asbestos floor tiles were produced in 9" x 9", 12" x 12", and even 18" x 18" as well as in decorative strips, and in thicknesses of 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8", also in 0.08 gauge. Asbestos has been used in vinyl wallpaper since the 1920s, and vinyl floor tiles and sheet flooring rose to prominence in the 1950s. ], "Asbestos in your home or at work," Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Department, Winston-Salem NC, "Asbestos Floor Tile Removal", the University of Minnesota's advice on removing VAT (vinyl asbestos or asphalt asbestos floor tile) can be read in detail at www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/asbestos/floortile/index.html. One of the reasons manufacturers liked vinyl is that lighter colored flooring was easier to produce when you don't start with (black) asphalt. by (mod) Anyone else have that problem from asbestos? You can either engage an asbestos remediation expert or obtain a test kitfor which youll remove a flooring sample to mail to an asbestos-testing lab. And all of the patents date from 1955-1965 - an era where asbestos was commonly used as both a filler and as a reinforcing fiber in vinyl flooring products. btw just found this site and it's amazing. By Location Glue that attaches floor tiles to concrete or wood. The package or box of the sheet floors can also help. Do you think these vinyl tiles have asbestos? I can see tile pictures and tile information about asbestos. STYLETONE floor tiles were sold in these colors: Woodtone vinyl asbestos floor tiles in 1962 sold 9" x 9" x 1/8" & 1/16" thicknessesColors: Light Oak 850, MEDIUM OAK 851, Dark Oak 852 (see the 1961 photos). - US EPA U.S.) - what we learn will help others. The attached picture is what's left of the box that the tile was in, alongside the tile in question. See details, TIDESTONE style asbestos vinyl floor tiles (Malibu beige 51764) shown above, TRAVERTEX style (Briar tan 51130, Mist white51135, WOODTONE (standard tile, wood tone: Light oak 56850), Custom vinyl cork floor tile ingredients: raw cork & vinyl resins (literature does not cite asbestos), Cork floor tile ingredients: raw cork, resins, and CORK PARQUET floor tiles, in both material types, Also see the 1960's Armstrongs red and white brick flooring patterns illustrated, at SHEET & TILE FLOORING ASBESTOS ID-BRICK PATTERN ID, The 1960s & 1970s motif floor tiles shown above have been reported by readers in homes dating from 1968 and 1973 and are also shown at, Embossed (9 x 9 & 12" x 12")(See 1965-1966 styles of embossed floor tiles), CUSTOM SHALESTONE (Bushkill white - left) 12" x 12" x 1/16" floor tile images from 1969, Imperial Modern (9 x 9 & 12" x 12") (see 1968). I find the prices vary considerably across North America depending on where you live, the tile in the basement (from the 50's or 60's) is coming up in a few places (flood)a couple are chipped. Asbestos, a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral,was a common element in construction materials due to its resilient, durable natureuntil the 1980s, anyway, when it was banned due to the discovery of considerable associated health risks. https://inspectapedia.com/hazmat/DIY-Asbestos-Floor-Test.php Original linoleum products were made using linseed oil as an ingredient, often with a jute (burlap or fabric) backing. . 6, by TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope). Also we don't know if the lab is looking only for characteristic and comparatively large asbestos fibers or if the procedure also detects shorts or fines of asbestos widely used as filler in asphalt-asbestos and vinyl-asbestos floor tile. If you live in an older home and are concerned that your you may have asbestos floor tiles, keep reading. [8] Resilient Floor Covering Institute, 1030 15th St. NW, suite 350, Washington D.C. [9] Inspiring Interiors from Armstrong 1950s from Armstrong, [Paperback], Schiffer Publishing (March 1998), ISBN-10: 0764304585, ISBN-13: 978-0764304583, [1] Interior Solutions from Armstrong the 1960s from Armstrong, [Paperback], Schiffer Publishing (March 1999), ISBN-10: 0764307002, ISBN-13: 978-0764307003, [11] Asbestos products and their history and use in various building materials such as asphalt and vinyl flooring includes discussion which draws on, [16] EVER WEAR TILE CO is currently (2009) in the Terrazzo, Tile, Marble, and Mosaic Work industry in Fallon, NV.

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