350 legend vs 357 magnum

The speeds are also there. HOW FAR SHOULD YOU PRACTICE SHOOTING BEFORE YOU DEER HUNT. When you get above three inches of needed elevation or windage adjustment, you can no longer just hold center and shoot. Introduced in 1978, Winchesters .375 was designed specifically for its Model 94 lever-action rifle. Personally I prefer to conceal my 3.5 inch barrel 9mm single stack in my waistband. The best barrel length for a 50 Beowulf is 16 for the greatest velocity vs. length. Originally conceived by the late Elgin Gates and called the .357 SuperMag, the new round was very straightforward. Both can handle good, 180-grain hunting bullets, but the 350 can handle them much better. You have entered an incorrect email address! Sometimes I get to thinking about this or that, and lately .357 Magnum carbine versus .350 Legend AR has caught my eye. In fact some shooters report less performance out of 26 or longer 5.56 barrels. Many people even prefer using a barrel as short as 9 for 350 Legend since you only lose about 240 feet per second when compared to a 16 barrel. ( Should you buy one, I will earn a small commission). Barrels above 20 inches for 5.56 have diminishing returns and are not worth the extra barrel length. The manufacture remains the king of the extreme long range game. Before buying a new firearm, many gun owners want to know what the best barrel length is for a certain application. Here is a chart comparing 180 grain, deer loads in both calibers using data from a 16-inch barrel.180-grain bulletStarting EnergyStarting velocityExpansion ThresholdEnergy Threshold350 Legend1,763 ft/lbs.2,100 fps1,400 fps-250 yards1,000 @ 160 yards750 @ 240 yards.357 Mag960ft/lbs.1,550 fps1,100 fps-175 yards1,000 @ never750 @ 75 yards. The 350 Legend will shoot deer much farther and has better bullets available. However, many shotgun owners prefer a longer barrel for the improved sight radius and accuracy. The Barnes VorTx 300-grain TSX load generates 25 percent more energy than the original .45-70 load and is suitable for just about any critter anywhere. Yes, by modern standards, those numbers are anemic, but modern .45-70 loadsin modern .45-70 riflesturn the .45-70 into a cartridge of another order. The best barrel length for a 5.56mm rifle is 14.5 to ensure full powder burn. Examples of minimum length requirements in federal law [ATF-NFA] include: 16 inch barrel length for rifles, 18 inch barrel length for shotguns, and 26 inch overall length for both rifles and shotguns. For distances above 500 yards, a 22 or longer rifle barrel is best. Stopping Power I really wish someone should make a 357 Maximum lever action. These are some of most common calibers but didnt seem as popular as the ones above. The best barrel length for a hunting rifle is between 22-26 depending on caliber and powder burn rate. The velocity gains approach full rifle levels, and this .350 Legend seems to take that a little further still. The .350 Legend loads that normally reach 2,200 to 2,300 feet per second manage between 1,500 and 1,800 fps out of the Model 350s 7.5-inch barrel. You might call it a However, many shooters prefer the portability of the 20 barrel since it doesnt sacrifice much in terms of distance and velocity. The 4 barrel is also a favorite, although the 1 difference doesnt help much with concealing and you lose a little velocity. Judging from the ballistic coefficient alone, the 30-30 has a slight advantage. You've only seen one page. Barrels as short as 10.5 are commonly used as brush guns or for close quarter scenarios using the AR platform. Although some people prefer 10 or 12 inch barrels, the shorter barrels may require a faster twist rate to stabilize the bullet, where as the longer barrels dont. Best 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel Length for Hunting, Best Barrel Length for 6.5 Creedmoor Long Range, Best Barrel Length for 6.5 Grendel Long Range, Best Barrel Length for 6.5 Grendel Hunting, Best Barrel Length for 6.5 Grendel Pistol/SBR, The Best Barrel Length for 350 Legend AR Pistol, Best Barrel Length for A 9mm Pistol AR/PCC/Carbine/SBR, Best Barrel Length for 357 Magnum Revolver, Best Barrel Length for 300 Blackout Pistol, Best Barrel Length for A Hunting Revolver, Best Barrel Length for Dove/Pheasant/Quail/Bird Hunting, Why is My Glock Not Accurate: Common Reasons and How to Fix, Why Does My Glock Shoot Low and to the Left? The nominal rim diameter is identical as well, but the 350 Legend does not use the 5.56 as its parent case like the 300 Blackout. This gun features the Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger, allowing for adjustments on the pull between three and five pounds. .357 good 44mag better. The 350 Legend SAAMI bullet diameter is specified at .357-.003. For reference, a 450 Bushmaster has a case length of 1.7" and a 350 Legend is 1.71". In fact, Ive used that load to take two African buffalo. Barrel lengths between 22-26 are more popular for youth shotguns and hunters with a long length of pull prefer a 30 barrel. If hunting at ranges less than 300 yards then a shorter barrel between 16-20 will work better. 10.5 is considered the shortest length you can go while retaining some reliability with a 5.56 AR pistol. This was partly because it was introduced at about the time of the AR-15 craze that hit the United States (at that time, everyone wanted an AR in .223 Remington). We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. It can handle bullets that are more aerodynamic. The best barrel length for duck hunting is 28 because duck shots tend to be at a good distance. Cwlongshot Cast Bullet Guy Supporter Joined Jan 17, 2014 Messages 13,606 Likes 47,945 Location Now, the .450 Bushmaster is seeing a grand resurgence, and its all because of the straight-wall cartridge allowances. Both work well within their effective range. Similar bullet tolerances also exist for 357 Magnum and 357 Maximum. The fact is, the 357 Magnum is considered a pistol round. The longer barrels will increase velocity until the powder from the round is burned up. WebThe 350 Legend is 10 percent more powerful and has 25 percent more velocity at the muzzle than 44 Magnum. For hunting with 6.5 Creedmoor, 18 to 22 inch barrels are more practical. Hornady's 165-grain FTX Customs are doing 2,200-fps and are hitting with 1,773-foot pounds of energy. This cartridge has become extremely popular for older hunters and youth hunters for that reason. I have a contender pistol in 357 maximum and love it, but if the 350 legend had been available when I bought it I might have gone that route. Barrel lengths longer than 5 inches are generally less likely to be open carried or concealed. At max range, being 25 yards off in your distance estimation means either a miss or a bad shot. The velocity gains approach full rifle levels, and this .350 Legend seems to take that a little further still. Therefore, bullets exit the muzzle at approximately .355 when fired from any of those three cartridges. This is partly because its essentially intended for just a smattering of states. If you hunt in one of the states now allowing straight-wall rifle cartridges for deer, it might be a good idea to pick up a new rifle. Both rounds can reliably take deer out to 250 yards. The best barrel length for a 6.5 Grendel Pistol or SBR is 14.5 inches. A revolver has no safetys to manipulate during a VERY high stress situation such as a bear attack and not all 1911s have ambidextrous controls should your gun hand be injured. Heres a link to it. This is a 150gr copper bullet with a ballistic coefficient G1 of .320 at 2450fps from my 20" barreled rifle with very little recoil, an honest 300+ yard deer round. 350 Ledgend vs 357 Rem Max | Bloodydecks Latest posts Sportboat anglers gearing up for new regulations? The best barrel length for a 458 SOCOM is 16 to achieve maximum powder burn and muzzle velocity. The speeds are also there. Winchester released the .350 Legend at the 2019 SHOT Show. Short barreled rifles can have any barrel length less than 16 inches to be considered an SBR. Get the 76th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. Ballistics are a wonderful thing, because they provide legitimate/scientific data to support estimations of cartridge effectiveness. The best barrel length for a 1911 is 5 for the best concealability and velocity. Enter the 350 Legend. It would be easily duplicated with the Winchester 350 legend. Sign up for daily stories delivered to your inbox. You can get 44 magnums in rifles, carbines and pistols plus specials which are powderpuff loads and both can be used as self defense on two legged abs four legged animals. Straight wall and big bore. Anything above a 26 barrel for 6.5 Grendel doesnt make much sense statistically. You may see a little better performance but usually its not considered enough to offset the heavier barrel. If you want a bolt action or AR15, or if your going to buy factory ammo, then 350 legend then 350 legend is it. There are two main metrics for measuring the effectiveness of a hunting cartridge. Most precision 50 BMG rifles have anywhere between a 30-36 barrel length. I will use the cheap fmj for small game and coyotes, and a good 180-grain load for deer hunting. Most 350 Legend bullets have a higher sectional density which means more penetration than the .357 Magnum. Hornady's 165-grain FTX Customs are doing 2,200-fps and are hitting with 1,773-foot pounds of energy. This is a revolver round that, from a rifle, will push a 270-grain bullet to similar velocities of around 1,800 fps. For the most part, I dont recommend taking a shot beyond 200 yards with any 350 Legend ammo. Barrel lengths between 24 and 28 are also popular for the round. I tend to be a bit old school and would probably go with the .45-70 Govt. The best barrel length for 10mm is 14 for maximum velocity per barrel length in inches. The name's Jordan, but friends call me Jordy. Sorry, no opinion on extraction other than I never had a problem with .223. If you sit the 350 Legend side by side with a 5.56 round, you'll notice they are roughly the same length. A dead round almost since the Marlin brand sale, lack of ammo and guns chambered in it- but mines sweet and I stocked up on ammo many years ago. Some hunters say that the .357 Mag is good to 150 yards. It is a true joy to shoot, and you'll be more accurate because of it. The 3 barrel loses too much velocity and energy but is easier to conceal. Short barreled rifles are subject to the NFA and require a tax stamp, which costs about $200 right now. If youre interested, I have an article detailing the ballistics of 350 Legend with various barrel lengths. I worked as a 45B Small Arms Repairer in the Army and since then I've been enjoying the hobby. The best barrel length for a 338 Lapua is 26 for plenty of accuracy and power out to 500-700 yards. Its all due to the bullet shape. That'd be the one I would use. A pistol can have any barrel length under 16 inches, and will often be between 3 and 16 inches. Now we have that out of the way lets get into the best barrel lengths of some of the most popular calibers. Therefore, bullets exit the muzzle at approximately .355 when fired from any of those three cartridges. The best barrel length for 350 Legend is 16 inches. I like the traditional .357 magnum. If you want a bolt action or AR15, or if your going to buy factory ammo, then 350 legend then 350 legend is it. .350 Legend is 55,000 and headspaces on that tiny piece of metal we call case mouth. Plus, the 30/30 is pretty much limited to a tube-fed lever gun, I can shoot 350 Legend in my AR-15. Barrels shorter than 16 have significantly more recoil and are usually avoided. -The 45 Colt is a slower moving round than the .357 Magnum, which makes it more effective at close range. The longer barrels will help accuracy because the shooter will have greater sight radius. The best barrel length for a 350 Legend AR pistol is 10.5 inches. Enter the 350 Legend. Thats where it begins to hit a ballistic wall. 5845(a)(3)-(4), (c)] (source). Short-barreled rifle(SBR) is a legal designation in the United States, referring to a shoulder-fired,rifledfirearm, made from a rifle, with abarrellength of less than 16in (41cm) or overall length of less than 26in (66cm), or a handgun fitted with abuttstockand a barrel of less than 16 inches length. Using the same case head diameter of the .223 Remington at a length of 1.71-inch, the 350 Legend uses a .357-inch diameter bullet, for a combination that is very easy on the shoulder while being effective downrange. Sorry, no opinion on extraction other than I never had a problem with .223. Originally loaded with black powder, the .38-55 is about as extinct as a cartridge can be, but ironically, several companies load ammunition for it. Jordan enjoys giving his time and resources to help others and has spent 15 years volunteering in a boy's mentoring program He is and will always be an American Patriot. He grew up hunting, fishing, and trapping. Barrels longer than 22 show no real improvement over the 18-20 barrels. Those rounds can handle most big game in North America. Any barrel length above 18 will not significantly improve velocity. However, for 2019, Marlin reintroduced the .444 in the Model 1895 rifle; and, as straight-wall cartridges go, this is a good one. Barrels longer than 14 inches start to affect bullet velocity in a negative way in many cases. Many people get around this by not attaching buttstock to the firearm, effectively making the firearm a pistol instead. Now, what may be surprising is the energy threshold. is even more expensive. The .350 Legend is no better. The velocity gains approach full rifle levels, and this .350 Legend seems to take that a little further still. The vitals zone on a deer is about 8 inches wide. After all, the military chose the 14.5 inch barrel for the 5.56 round for a reason. -The 45 Colt is a slower moving round than the .357 Magnum, which makes it more effective at close range. Lets talk about that for a second. A rifle is subject to the NFA only if the rifle has a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length. Change over to a 200 gr bullet, keep the 0.385" seating depth and QL predictions go from around 1770 fps for the magnum case, around 2100 for the max case and around 2170 fps for the 350L case. is even more expensive. The 350 Legend is a fascinating cartridge. There is a variety of lever guns chambered for the .357 Magnum.

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