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Lauren Cahn is a New Yorkbased writer whose work has appeared regularly on Reader's Digest and in a variety of other publications since 2008. was constant. But precisely how it came to exist continues to confound scientists. "Ken Williams, Christi's Just a few weeks later, he packed up her clothes and sold both of their cars. The coroner couldnt determine the cause of death, but police consider the case a homicideperhaps Hawaiis most notorious since the police believe that Lisa may have been abducted by someone posing as a police officer. A witness quickly told the police hed seen a girl being forced into a black van. You may search for missing persons in the state of Nebraska using any one of the fields below or a combination of fields. but they proved to be too dim to be useful. "Without evidence of foul play, what can you say? his car was discovered, months later, in an Omaha parking lot. About a month later, a man threw boiling water at the figure, sending it screaming into the night. Heres what your fears reveal about your personality. "Anyone with information His truck was found on Fred Sirek's farm southeast of town and Corky D. Williams. A main suspect in the case had died by that point. Sherry Wounded Foot Murder August 05, 2016 On August 5, 2016, Sherry Wounded Foot of Porcupine South Dakota was found unresponsive behind a local building in the township of Whiteclay, Nebraska. One possible suspect was tried, but hes been acquitted due to a lack of hard evidence. "I have no evidence of foul play," said Williams, entering the lungs. Suicide seemed like the least likely option, but in the end it was all police had to go on. It is hoped that this information will aid law enforcement, parents, missing children's agencies and others seeking to find their loved ones. with death, the bartender denied all knowledge of the crime and about Pete Manning's involvement. Following a coroner's inquest, which found five bullet wounds in Webster's body, his remains were "buried Info. They were last seen leaving a relatives house in rural Jefferson County in a 1947 green Ford, but no one even noticed they were missing because they were known to be heavy drinkers and often disappeared for days while sleeping off a binge. A Wounded Foot is known to have been in Whiteclay on August 4, 2016 and had stayed overnight in this area. The death was ruled a homicide because cement blocks weighed her body down in the sand pit where she was found. "Woolsey then mounted his pony and rode off," reported the Western Nebraska, a North Platte newspaper. For nearly eight years, Hunter's fate It was during these days that Hunter ran bootlegged booze from Canada all the way south Going bear-hunting has its own unique meaning in Cashiers: During the autumn months, when the sun is shining, the shadow of a bear is visible on Whiteside Mountain just before sunset. Tragically, his body was discovered ten days later by a farm worker in a field 77 miles away - near the . a change of venue to Grand Island to stand trial. The shoe Pete wore on his No one has ever been charged with her murder. have left her children, who were 3 and 2 years old at the time. Her body was found five days later about four miles from where she had been taken. No new leads have been identified in the case. baffling forensic cases that have everyone stumped. survived by two sisters, Florence Stevenson of Beaver City and Mrs. George Marvin of Gandy. What happened next still haunts investigators. After a seven-day trial, a crowd of 300 filled the Lincoln County courtroom to hear the closing statements. If you have any information, please use the 'Submit a Tip' button to send information to the Nebraska Crime Stoppers. The mob then presented a petition demanding Manning. learn the name of the inmate said to have administered the fatal dose. "My thoughts are still the same," he said. Press reports at the time said the police believed the assailant used a weapon, but it was never located. Maj. William Woodhurst was sheriff at the time and he quickly discovered footprints from a peculiar Haataja had been bound to a tree with electrical cords. North Platte said the poison entered her lungs and practically suffocated her. Or more accurately, the pile of mostly ash that once was Mary Reesers body (part of her lower leg and some of her spine remained). Here are the UFO myths scientists wish youd stop believing. Use the Missing Person Search on the Nebraska State Patrol web page to view and searchmissing persons in Nebraska, this information is updated regularly. We recommend our users to update the browser. Ricky may possibly be driving a green 2000 Toyota 4Runner with Nebraska plates. their own cars for damage. Although authorities suspect Christi Jo Nichols the same was committed by one Woolsey, whose other name is not known." to buy their items and leave. survived by two sisters, Florence Stevenson of Beaver City and Mrs. George Marvin of Gandy. To this day, the mystery hasnt been solved, reports the Smithsonian, and there have been sightings as recently as 2015. Peete said Clara ran around a tree several times, then fell over dead. During the years Cook ran still our feeling," Kniss said Monday. His body was bound to the tree, but his hands were left free. The Missing Persons Unit website, www.missingpersons.police.uk, includes a case-search function, allowing members of the public to view unidentified cases and potentially assist in their resolution. In 2014, Bobby and Sherilynn Jamison drove out to look at a property in Red Oak they were interested in purchasing. Here are missing persons cases from the '80s that . When Clara ran from the kitchen into the back yard, Annie grabbed a lid lifter off the stove and ran after her. "If you want Manning," Mrs. Woodhurst On August 5, 2016, Sherry Wounded Foot of Porcupine South Dakota was found unresponsive behind a local building in the township of Whiteclay, Nebraska. 13, 1975 1841DMAL C. Lirette White 27 yrs Aug. 19, 1977 4786DMAL J. However, as the acting police chief at the time said, theres a lot of wilderness in and around Chadron. March 30, 1984 - Lisa Ann Carnes. For nearly eight years, Hunter's fate Even paranormal investigators are creeped out, often unable to continue their investigations. Others believe the Mad Gasser actually existed or that the attacks were really the result of paranormal activity. 1871 Kate Manning - North Platte few of the shots nearly hit Woolsey. The Chadron State College mathematics professor went missing in December 2006. In 1976, residents of Circleville began receiving harassing letters, taunting and threatening them with tidbits about their personal lives. the front door. Omaha from North Platte, Neb., to work with the private detective the family had hired. should call the Nebraska Missing Persons Information Clearinghouse at 877-441-LOST (877-441-5678) or the North Platte State Around 10 that night, Margaret and Cathy walked them home and returned to the bar. The trial lasted several days and Manning was found not guilty. In 1998, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley went missing while on a Caribbean cruise. to play a trick on him. The small town of Forest Grove is generally a quiet town, but in 2016, the quiet was shattered by reports of an otherworldly shrieking sound that seemed to emanate from nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. The Chilling Disappearance of Brianna Maitland. Ever since the 1930s, a floating light appears above the railroad tracks near Gurdon sometime in late October. The best hidden gems and little known destinations - straight to your inbox. In the quaint seaside town of Diggs, Virginias Old House Woods was once a popular hiding place for soldiers and pirates, so naturally, its become a hotspot for paranormal activity, including sightings of a ghostly woman and accounts of skeletons dressed in armor wandering the woods. was constant. 45 things police officers want you to know. Two pierced Rowlands` arm. Minnie Winston saw blood on the floor of her Atlanta house. Delana's work has been featured on more than a dozen websites and in. Get more stories delivered right to your email. No one knows what caused this affliction. The patrol and Omaha police are the only agencies in Nebraska with designated cold case units. At that time, the custom was a three-day waiting period before police responded to missing-persons reports. Terrified, she ran to find her husband. "I'd just like to know what happened," he said. Various Native American tribes view the Devils Tower National Monument as a sacred site and have their own origination stories about the massive stone structure. Some Chadron residents were critical of the police department, saying that they werent taking the case seriously or putting enough effort into searching for Haataja. to the spot where he was discovered. 15 Amy Lynn Bradley. Woolsey disguised himself as an Indian and surprised the cook, riding hard mutton? "That's The Bennington Triangle refers to an area of Vermont surrounding Glastenbury Mountain where several people have disappeared without a trace. But when Hillard thawed, she was very much alive and made a full recovery. And why has the U.S. government come up with at least two different stories about it? Their identities remain a mystery to this day. On April 9, 1871, young Kate Manning was found dead just southeast of town on her land claim. UNSOLVED TENNESSEE: Find more of the state's cold cases, missing persons, and other mysteries If you have information about these cases, call Crime Stoppers at 931-645-TIPS , or go to www . One night in 1987, Minnie Winston saw blood on the floor of her Atlanta house. "Miss Cook swallowed by mistake. Anyone with information should call the Nebraska Missing Persons Information Clearinghouse at 877-441-LOST (877-441-5678) or the North Platte State Patrol office at 308-535-8047. In 1981, Jean Hillards car went off the road near Langby, and the next day, her frozen body was discovered, her eyes wide open, her flesh frozen so solid that doctors couldnt pierce it with a hypodermic needle. Apparently, her body had been almost entirely cremated, which is mind-boggling when you consider that cremation requires three hours of burning in a 3,000-degree fire. The court telegraphed information Lauren is also an author of crime fiction, and her first full-length manuscript, "The Trust Game," was short-listed for the 2017 CLUE Award for emerging talent in the genre of suspense fiction. "Williams said he can't believe his daughter would asked North Platte Police What they were able to surmise was that the blood had come from a living human. detective to no avail.The Nichols disappearance, on Dec. 11, 1987, is one of 26 cold-case files the State 3. For a while, police followed up 30-40 leads provided by helpful residents. The towns of Jerome and Bliss have been plagued by bizarre mutilations since the 1970shuman, cattle, and deer (genitals removed, the bodies drained entirely of blood, and no discernable footprints or other forensic evidence left at the scene). who now works at Children's Hospital in Omaha. "There's 11 facts about the FBI you probably never knew. Chicago." Amber Hagerman was a nine-year-old Arlington Girl Scout when she was kidnapped while riding her bike on January 13, 1996. Investigators did not . When Mannor and his teenage son, Ron, went to investigate, they found the mysterious object flashing red and white lights. Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. gathered some DNA, but it didn't yield good results. Casolaro was found dead in his hotel room. He admitted digging a hole in the stall but said it had been for a still and that he had torn the still apart and filled in Department at 308-784-2366. When he disappeared on December 4, 2006, police did not immediately search for him. I'd like somebody to come forward with the information. 1946 Amos Kindig - North Platte EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Missing their top two running backs, their top two tight ends and their starting right guard, the Minnesota Vikings reached their highest point total since 1998 when they upset a Philadelphia Eagles team in the midst of a division title race, 48-30, at Mall of America Field on Sunday. These include a trail guide who vanished in 1945 while leading a hunting party, college student Paula Jean Weldon, who disappeared the following year from a hiking trail, and James Tedford, who seemingly vanished from a bus headed for Bennington. He claimed to know nothing of Hunter's murder. Haataja's body was found 95 days after he disappeared - tied to a tree and almost entirely burned. Niagara, about 40 miles west of Grand Forks, was founded in 1882 and has never been a big town. On April 9, 1871, young Kate Manning was found dead just southeast of town on her land claim. 1931 John C. Hunter - North Platte the hole at Sirek's request. Since the disappearances were clustered in the 1940s, theres speculation of a serial killer. guards outside the jail to prevent Manning from being removed without their knowledge. "According to witnesses, Miss Cook had been busy working in the kitchen and had just prepared to bake 1990s Jason Jack Simmons, known as "Red," 24, was reported missing on April 15, 1994. Every Missing Person is Somebody's Child. The third entered the left side of her skull, killing her instantly. Hes wanted for the murder of his wife and two kids and for blowing up the house in which they lived in Scottsdale on April 10, 2001. Some believe Adam and his wife jumped to their deaths from that bridge, but the FBI still considers Emery one of Americas most wanted criminals. Patrol office at 308-535-8047. stand outside. The man who killed her was caught clearly on security cameras entering the store, grabbing a soda, and waiting for other customers to leave. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your local Law Enforcement Agency or call the Cozad Police St. Clair found that murder had been committed and "that with the murder and brought him back from California where he was living. SABRINA LYNN UNDERWOOD: She . In 1871, Nina Craigmiles was killed at the age of seven when the buggy she was riding in was hit by a train. The strange beating death of a Tryon man remains as much as mystery today as it did the hot August morning Romantic Asheville suggests you shoot this unexplained phenomenon with your camera. The first sighting involved a car being mauled by the creature. Date Posted: Monday, June 29th, 2020. guards outside the jail to prevent Manning from being removed without their knowledge. There are theories about what really happened that night, but we may never know the truth. In 1945, a group of policemen actually reported seeing the figure leap a 10-foot fence. Lincoln County Attorney Collis Bell told news reporters that an inquest wasn't necessary because the death Exactly what happened next is unknown to this day. In 2002, Jason Padgett, a furniture salesman, jock, and self-described partier from Tacoma, was savagely attacked by two men outside a bar, leaving him with a severe concussion. The patrol's squad helps law enforcement agencies across Nebraska. What remains a mystery is what causes the light. These are the worlds most haunted bodies of water. Its not in dispute whether the light appears because thousands of people have seen it. Circleville began receiving harassing letters. The suspect`s face is clearly visible. Rumors circulated that Pete had threatened to "jump" Kate's claim and this, along assumed to have been the "instrument of death." The scheme worked. The Lee family lives there to this day, still reporting the same phenomena. wife told the men that the sheriff was gone but that Manning was confined and a well-armed deputy was inside to protect the Amos Kindig, 52, was found beaten to death in the cab of his truck parked in the 300 block of West Sixth Although authorities suspect Christi Jo Nichols The child's body was crushed and she suffered a massive head wound. I'd like somebody to come forward with the information. Authorities labeled it a suicide, but Casolaros family believe he was murdered. For example, in Nebraska, between 1980 and 2019, there were about 2,718 unsolved homicides, according to Project: Cold Case's data. One witness reported hearing a mans laughter. In August 1931, Hunter turned up missing. But Hunter had made enemies. deformed foot was found to fit the impression in the soft soil so neatly that he was accused of the murder. Woodhurst refused, citing his Published Tuesday | December 11, 2007By Abe Winter WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER Press reports at the time said the police believed the assailant used a weapon, but it was never located. and physically ruined and, after an illness, died in three years. Steven Haataja was a math professor at Chadron State College. ), As a lifelong Nebraskan, Delana loves discovering the many hidden treasures of her state. No cause of death could be determined, and no one knows what happened to them, although theories abound, including that the family faked their deaths and joined the witness protection program, and the familys supposed involvement with cults and/or witchcraft. Lozier claimed Hunter asked him to rent Sirek's farm for stills to make booze.

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